Integration java testing

I have a spring MVC web application.
Recently I started the migration of ElasticSearch 2.4 to 5.2 but I'm having problems with my Integration Tests in my application.

With Elastic 2.4 I used an embedded elasticsearch for my tests, but that's not possible anymore I guess.

So I tried to extends the ESIntegTestCase but that gave a lot of issues (JarHell, Security issues,...).

Another approach, make e ElasticSearch Client in my test spring config. (Like I did earlier with the 2.4).
But creating my own settings, node & client. It forces my to run my tests with the RandomizedRunner.class.
Problem there, my test-spring context won't boot anymore.
Is there a way to use the : SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class instead of the RandomizedRunner.class AND create your own node / client?


IT should be done using an external node. Read

I advice looking:

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