Integration of elastic with a service desk app

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I have a query not sure if anyone can help in this

We have an in house created ticketing system which one of the developers created this we plan to integrate with elastic.

We have multiple client regions & on all the regions logstash & heartbeat is configured on the servers. Now on elastic end what data we collect or visualize is related to SNMP for devices like routers & switches

The data of heartbeat & SNMP is routed through logstash. SNMP data is configured separately configurations are kept in /etc/logstash/snmp/config.d/input-xyz.yml, similarly for output-xyz.yml

The data related to SNMP is shared by client when they configure their routers to send data via snmp the data that is shared is like SNMP IP address I think its the routers IP address, then is the community string for snmp v2 its like an identifier or a short name to identify interlinked routers I might be wrong not sure.

on the /etc/logstash/snmp/config.d/input-xyz.yml file we add details like below the is related to OID

input {
snmp {
get => [""]
walk => ["."]
tables => [{"name" => "interfaces" "columns" => ["","",".",".",".","",".","","",""]}]
hosts => [{host => "udp:ipaddress/161" community =>"abcdataset" retries => 1

So now the data that the developer has asked for is below. So not sure how do we pull this data from SNMP or elastic & provide that to link it with the service desk application . If anyone who has worked with SNMP for monitoring or have knowledge on how it can be done please help.

  1. Incident outline

  2. Enter additional details

  3. Select Country

  4. Select Region

  5. Select customer

  6. select relevant subscription

  7. Select relevant sites




Is there anyone who can help on this??

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