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I'm trying to run integration tests with Elasticsearch 5 by extending ESIntegTestCase in my class. However, it always fails with access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler"), no matter what I try.

I have tried to set ES_JAVA_OPTS="" and ES_JAVA_OPTS="". The file contains:
grant {
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler";
permission org.elasticsearch.ThreadPermission "modifyArbitraryThreadGroup";
}; asks to put plugin-security.policy in src/main/plugin-metadata, which I did, but I use Maven and the file does not get picked up, I guess. I could use Gradle as well if needed, but it's not clear what "Gradle build system" is and how to get that in my project?

I also tried to run the integration tests following the instructions in, but no luck.

How can I get testing work?


Replying to myself: I got it solved by including <argLine></argLine> in randomizedtesting maven plugin configuration. Not sure why the policy file is not picked up, though.

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