integTest failing despite following documentation

Hello there. I am looking to contribute to Elasticsearch as a GitHub contributor in the near future. I have been following this document closely, but I am now facing some trouble that I cannot resolve without additional help.

I am using Intellij IDEA 2017.3.1 (Ultimate Edition), and I have successfully installed Gradle as well as configured my IDE accordingly. The command gradle run works perfectly well, and opens a new instance of elasticsearch. However, the command gradle check fails at integTest with the following error message:

* What went wrong:
Could not resolve all files for configuration ':plugins:analysis-ukrainian:compileClasspath'.
> Could not download morfologik-stemming.jar (org.carrot2:morfologik-stemming:2.1.1)
 > Could not get resource ''.
  > Could not GET ''.
     > Connect to [] failed: Read timed out

I am not sure why this is happening since I have already taken precautions against jar hell as stated in the documentation. Any help is very much appreciated!

P/S I am not sure if this place is the best location to ask such questions, but it seems like the GitHub issue tracker is more for features and bugs rather than to ask for help...please redirect me if this is still not the right place to ask for such help!

Hi there,

This indicates some kind of connectivity problem between yourself and Can you visit, for instance, in a web browser?

And yes, this is the right place to ask this sort of question :slight_smile:

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I just kept rerunning everything (i.e. gradle check) and at some point it passes. Then it snags somewhere else again :cry:

Do you have an estimate for how long all the tests take to run? It takes me > 1 hour to run 60% of all the tests :cry:

P/S Thanks for helping!

At the moment on our CI infrastructure it takes about 1 hour to run gradle check. On my laptop it takes quite a bit longer.

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