IntelTwit - Poor Man's Threat Intel

(Walker) #1

This is the newest "fun" project I am working on. The twitter plugin can dump, literally, over 1,000 fields so I've narrowed it down to what I believe is the most relevant and then pulled some of those fields apart for different uses as well as field analysis to identify developing trends/threats.

So far it's a pretty plain dashboard but I think it's good information. I'm going to try and integrate some additional API threat feeds to diversify. So, does anyone out there find this useful or am I just reinventing the wheel for something someone's already published?

(Walker) #2

Added some geo-ip enrichment for WebIron Bots, refined some of the parsing and analyzer. Published to GitHub if anyone's interested in giving it a spin.

(Walker) #3

Just realized I have this posted in the wrong sub-forum. Can a mod move it to the appropriate place, I believe that's the #Ecosystem forum.