Interface does not show real space for Elasticsearch

Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here for questions.

I have a Kubernetes environment mounted on AWS using EKS.

In the Kubernetes cluster, I have several i3 worker nodes. These nodes can make use of a type of volume called ephemeral.

In each node, I deploy several Elasticsearch pods. These pods request a portion of the ephemeral volume. The ephemeral capacity is 1.8 TB and each Elasticsearch pod requests 100GB for its own storage.

All of this is successfully managed by Kubernetes.

The problem arises when through the Kibana interface I access the Monitoring section. For each Elasticsearch pod, I can see that the available disk section refers to the 1.8 TB ephemeral volume instead of the 100GB volume requested.

How could I solve this problem?

The data, in this case, are misleading, because it shows me percentages of available disk that do not correspond to the real ones (for example, I can have a pod of Elasticsearch at 90% used capacity and show me that I have 60% of unused disk).

Thank you very much in advance.


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