Internal server error

I'm a newbie to Elastic APM and just set up the APM server/dashboards and everything. I am trying to send some data via the Elastic APM PHP Agent, but am receiving an "500 Internal Server Error". The response is as follows:

"{"ok":false,"message":"There was an internal server error."}"

I tried to manually go to the APM_SERVERURL//transactions endpoint, and it displays the same error in the browser. Am I missing something?

I am not quite sure which PHP agent you are referring to, as there is currently no official elastic agent for PHP available.

Which APM Server version are you using? It sounds like you are trying to use the v1 protocol which is supported for apm-server 6.x versions (but will be removed from 7.0 on).
The URL for sending a POST request to the v1 transactions endpoint would be SERVER_HOST:SERVER_PORT/v1/transactions, it looks like you are missing the version in the URL above.

Thanks for the quick reply Silvia. I'm using this PHP Agent: And you are right, they only support the v1 protocol currently. I'll modify the url and check again. Thanks so much.

That was it! Thank you.

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