Invisible Elastic UI Expression

Hi there,

I was creating a plugin for Kibana 7.0.1 and now have to make it compatible with 6.5.4 (in the development environment).

Strangely enough, the EuiExpression components from Elastic UI are invisible. However, the popovers still work when I click on them.

Don't really know what's causing this.

In case it might be useful, I generated the plugin for 6.5.4 and then copy pasted all my files from version 7.0.1 in it.


Hi @dkelsen,

thanks for your question! It's difficult to judge what's going on here, maybe there are some styles overlapping. Do you have a public repository were we can check out your code and try it?

Hi, somehow the problem solved itself. Don't know what happened. :sweat_smile:

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