Inviting users by email (SMTP setup)

I would like to enable smtp parameter for workplace search

I provided following config :
what i should use exactly in "secure-pass-phrase" the password or something else ?
like here

  enabled: true
    auth: plain
    starttls.enable: true
    port: 587
    password: secure-pass-phrase

Thanks for your help

Hey Yassine,

the link you provided is for watcher/alerting - and not for workplace search. Just to be sure that this was intended?

The correct way to store passwords is using the keystore instead of the configuration file using the bin/elasticsearch-keystore command. The password is the one you got from your SMTP provider.

Hope this helps!


Thank you @spinscale for your feedback
indeed, i was looking at the config of workplace search on how to setup mailer to invite users. I can see the config is very simular to watcher but no precision if we need to put directly clair password in config/enterprise-search.yml or we can use any secure keystore like for elasticsearch.

for the suck of my test, i just added plaint password into config/enterprise-search.yml and it's working, but i'm looking to secure the password.


ah, ic... I don't think securing the password for enterprise search is possible right now, as the keystore is elasticsearch specific at the moment.