IP address component search

Hi there.

I have a elasticsearch index with a ip address field in the mapping:

    "address" : {
      "type" : "ip"

I need to know if I can search for any ip byte component, for example, having a document with ip "", I make a query searching for byte '200', I need to get all documents with:


Is that possible?


I'm wondering if you can do that using a bool query with 4 should clauses using ip masks like:

"term": {
   "address": ""

I have no idea if this would work :wink: .

It is not, you can't query for individual octets, but you can make cidr queries as the example in the documentation.

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I guess the only way then is to index also the ip address a text field with the default analyzer, that should work out of the box.

I had this requirement in a past job, the solution I used was to index each octet as different fields and store them as keywords.

Not sure if indexing as a text field would achieve the same result beause the position is relevant.

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For the use case mentioned at the start, the position is not relevant. That's why I suggested this approach.

Otherwise, in addition to @leandrojmp solution, it's possible to index it as a keyword and run a "slow" regex. But I definitely prefer splitting in 4 fields. Much faster at search time! :blush:

Thank you to both of you.
Yes, I already thought on indexing the field also as text, but I could do it just only with the ip field type.


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