Is 5.1.1 a major or minor version upgrade from 5.0.1?

Since ES started with version 5 after 2.4, I was wondering what is considered as a major vs minor version upgrade?

  1. Is 5.1.1 a major version upgrade from 5.0.1?
  2. Do we also have to update the client library to 5.1.1 (since ES recommends using the same client library version as ES version)?
  1. No
  2. Java lib with Transport Client I guess? It's supposed to work but yes I'd recommend upgrading it.
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Thank you. We will update transport client to latest version.

What is considered a major version upgrade going forward? What would be the convention for the same?

From 5 to 6 is a major version upgrade.

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Thought so, thank you for confirming!

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