Is a node with no STARTED partitions always safe to wipe out and restart?


I had disk space issues in a couple of the nodes of a 3-node, 5-shard,
1-replica cluster, and now all the shards are yellow, with the shard
distribution looking like this:

$ curl |grep my_index | sort -k4

my_index 2 r INITIALIZING 10... Dust
my_index 3 r INITIALIZING 10... Dust
my_index 0 r INITIALIZING 10... Nebulon
my_index 4 r INITIALIZING 10... Nebulon
my_index 1 r INITIALIZING 10... Letha
my_index 1 p STARTED 1198093674 187.9gb 10... Nebulon
my_index 3 p STARTED 1354081141 232.1gb 10... Letha
my_index 2 p STARTED 1833312409 315.4gb 10... Letha
my_index 4 p STARTED 337613525 47.3gb 10... Letha
my_index 0 p STARTED 714336880 119gb 10... Letha

As you can see, Letha is carrying most of the weight, with one STARTED
shard in Nebulon and none in Dust. The replicas seem to have been
corrupted. My question is: is it always safe in this situation to shut down
Dust, wipe out its data directories, and restart it? I.e., can I be
reasonably sure that there won't be any data loss? And if so, can I do it
while still indexing documents, or do I need to shut down indexing in the

Thanks in advance,

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