Is config-profiling-inferred-spans-lib-directory always respected?

Kibana: 7.8.1
APM-server: 7.8.1
Elasticsearch: 7.8.1
Java agent: 1.19.0

By default async-profiler writes to /tmp, but since our /tmp is tiny and it gets filled very quickly, I wanted to change this directory to something else using config-profiling-inferred-spans-lib-directory in java agent, but we are still getting a lot of files in /tmp:

  • apm-activation-events-*.bin
  • apm-traces-*.jfr


  1. Is this expected behavior and config-profiling-inferred-spans-lib-directory comes into the play only when /tmp is not executable?
  2. Is there maybe some other way to change async-profiler's tmp directory?
  3. Is there some policy managing how frequently (or when) those temporary files are supposed to be cleand-up?

Hi @giovere

  1. this is expected behavior, as this configuration parameter only controls where the async-profiler binaries will be stored for cases when you can't have executables in /tmp.
  2. agent should use the configured JVM temporary directory, thus using something like
  3. Not directly on the files themselves as their size depends on application code and activity. But it's influenced by async profiler parameters, for example reducing the sampling interval with profiling_inferred_spans_sampling_interval might be an option to explore.

Thus, in your case, you should probably set the and use a dedicated temporary directory.

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