Is context.hits supported on 8.1

Hi Team,

Is context.hits supported on kibana version 8.1?

I am using "Rules and Connectors" type as "Inventory" to monitor CPU metric threshold. With the default action rule {{alertName}} - {{}} is in a state of {{context.alertState}} {{context.reason}}, I am receiving the notification in the correct format.

However, the above notification shows the container ID and I am interested in retrieving container name.

With the help of mustache template tester, I have modified the above action rule and appended with -

name: {{}}

I don't see any change in the notification message neither do I see the "name" key in the message.

I have also tried using {{.}} between context.hits to list all available json fields but it doesn't show anything either.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or is there any other alternative to retrieve the container name?


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