Is dense_vector field available in AWS Elasticsearch Service?

I would like to use dense_vector field ( while it seems to be contained in X-Pack.

Is it available in AWS Elasticsearch Service too?

I do not fully understand difference between ES OSS and Basic.
Does AWS ES Service use OSS edition? (then it does not contain dense_vector)

Yes, AWS Elasticsearch serviceis based on the OSS distribution so does not include X-Pack features. If you need this functionality Elastic Cloud does come with X-Pack features.

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Thank you.
I heard X-Pack is now OSS too (
Still doesn't AWS ES contain dense_vector feature?

As described in the blog post you linked to the code is open and available on GitHub, but is not licensed under an OSS Apache 2.0 license. X-Pack is therefore not OSS and not part of the OSS distribution. A lot of X-Pack features can be used for free with a Basic license if you have the default distribution while other features require a hoigher level commercial license.


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