Is Elastic Search suitable for searching text in all tables?

I have question about Elastic Search is that I have Sql Server Database and i have to Search all tables for text for this purpose Elastic search feature is good enough or i have to go with other option.


it's a common use-case to index data from a SQL server into Elasticsearch in order to leverage Elasticsearch for full-text search. I did this for a ecommerce product search engine in my previous job and it worked great.

It is very hard to tell if this is good enough in your use-case, as the definition of good may be vastly different for anyone asking such a question. Are you referring to a faster search, are you referring to language dependent search. Maybe you can be more exact about your requirements.


Thanks a lot for such a response i will try by best to define my case.
I have to search almost 16 tables in each table there is up to 4 columns for which i have to search the specific keyword currently i am doing this using joins so is it suitable for me and what is the possibility to do in elastic and it will give me efficient and fast response.
I am sharing my Query with you you can check it by downloading from url given below.

and please can you assist me how to execute sp with input parameters in elastic search.

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