Is Elasticsearch-JDBC preinstalled in the ES Docker Image?

Hi everyone,

I am running ES as a docker container, install sometime last month. I believe that puts me on version 7.3.1. I want to export my ES data to a MySQL databases, and a few Google searches suggest that I'll need the JDBC plugin to do that. The download page here looks like instructions for the process (non-Docker) version of of ES.

My question is... if I want JDBC, will I have to manually install it in my docker container? Or, put a better way, how can I tell if JDBC is installed in my ES?

Apologies for the rookie-level question, all advice is appreciated.

You don't need to install anything additional in the elasticsearch docker image, if you are using the JDBC client from another application to connect to elasticsearch.

You need to make sure you are either using a trial or a platinum license, as mentioned in the linked download page.

Ah, thank you. There's a lot to learn, I appreciate the help with such a newbie question!

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