Is Elasticsearch the right solution for regularly updated content search?

I have the following use case and I'm not sure if Elasticsearch/Elasticpress is the right solution. I want to do the following:

  1. User will search WordPress custom post types (CPT), its taxonomies, custom fields (CF), and Users
  2. However, other site users can and will be continuously updating the CPTs taxonomies and custom fields
  3. I want Elasticpress to auto index the changes (CPT, CF, and taxonomies) in near real-time and make them available for search.

An example would be User A1 launches a search query for all Users that rated Mexican restaurants (taxonomy) in a specific neighborhood (CF) with 4 stars or above (CF).

Noting that user ratings will and are constantly updated, is this possible with Elasticsearch/Elasticpress?

Specifically, will the taxonomies and CFs changes trigger an auto indexing update? If yes, approximately how fast does this happen? I can't find any documentation on this.

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I guess that comes down to how Elasticpress works, which I'm not sure we can directly help on as it's a 3rd party offering.

However, Elasticsearch is suitable for this use case.

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