Is Filebeat ready for production

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we have designed a solution based on Filebeat. But one of your customer is insisting on using Logstash Forwarder instead of Filebeat because some ELK consultants told them to wait on Filebeat (until end of 2016) because it is not ready yet.
So my question: is Filebeat (version 1.2.3) ready for production ? is there any reason to still prefer to use Logstash Forwarder in place of Filebeat ?



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I too agree with you on this that if Filebeat is ready for Production? right now we have used "beaver" and td-agent which is quite good in terms of performance on Production.

@Filebeat Team, let us know your inputs on this.

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Logstash forwarder is currently deprecated, in favour of filebeat.
So yes, it is production ready.

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