Is GCE Discovery still a thing?

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currently I'm investigating if it was sensible to enable the GCE-discovery in Elasticsearch.

According to this (older) thread, there are some hints about documentation and possibly implementation being outdated:

The documentation for the GCE-discovery in the current version 7.12: Setting up GCE Discovery | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [7.12] | Elastic and I wonder if everything inside these docs is still up-to-date and if this was a sane thing to do.

Currently we're configuring ES with Ansible, passing initial cluster members with Ansible.
I wonder if GCE discovery would be of any help / improvement.

I currently would think the documentation is outdated and might be no longer valid.

It is indeed still a thing, but there's certainly a few areas of the docs that could do with updating. However ...

... do you mean the cluster.initial_master_nodes setting? That's nothing to do with discovery plugins like discovery-gce.

Well, I don't like the concept of cluster.initial_master_nodes that much, especially because I have to apply a static configuration to a cluster, that might be outdated later on.
I think this setting cluster.initial_master_nodes should even get removed after successful bootstrapping, like only stated on [this page](Important Elasticsearch configuration | Elasticsearch Guide [master] | Elastic):

After the cluster forms successfully for the first time, remove the cluster.initial_master_nodes setting from each nodes' configuration. Do not use this setting when restarting a cluster or adding a new node to an existing cluster.

Coming back to the original topic:

We're using GitHub - elastic/ansible-elasticsearch: Ansible playbook for Elasticsearch to configure Elasticsearch.

Unfortunately this role doesn't support plugins yet, so I have to either to extend our custom wrapper around this ansible-elasticsearch or extend the upstream-role to install the plugins.

Correct, these are the docs you're thinking of. But to repeat myself, this is nothing to do with discovery. For instance, you are required to set cluster.initial_master_nodes to the same value on every node, but there is no auto-discovery mechanism that can satisfy that requirement.

Thank you very much for the kind answers.
Yes, these topics are independent and I mixed them up.

GCE-discovery is working and I've to find out if tags work as I thought they do (like in the docs).
I will then also try to improve the documentation.

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@DavidTurner Do you know why the plugin does a call via this API compute.instances.updateNetworkInterface ?

I can see usage of these permissions:


Only read-only access would be nice.

AFAICS and from what I recall, we are only calling the "get" APIs of the Google client. See elasticsearch/ at master · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

I was also surprised when I tested it that a compute-rw was needed by the Google client. :thinking:

No, sorry, I don't have a lot of knowledge about GCE specifics and I can't see anything obvious in the code. It gets info about the network interfaces if you use the _gce:..._ special values for etc, but shouldn't be updating anything AFAIK

Can you forbid that specific permission? If so, does it break? Can you share logs and/or stack traces so we can see where it's being used?

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