Is ingest-converter tool still maintained?


Is the ingest converter tool ( still maintained? I saw that based on github it was last updated 2 years ago.
Currently it is lacking a lot of processors like kv, remove_field, etc and also support for painless scripts is missing.
On the other hand it is very buggy (try for example to convert kafka ingest pipeline -
I've found an opened github issue,, which address somehow the same problem of converting ingest pipelines in logstash dsl.


@adrian.aneci, you are correct that the ingest-converter has not had lots of recent attention. One initiative on which we have made some significant recent progress is running Elasticsearch ingest node pipelines (including all processors and Painless scripts) directly inside of Logstash. The idea is that you would provide only the definition of your pipeline and it would "just work" in Logstash. Would that be of interest to you as an alternative to the ingest-converter?

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Hi @danhermann,
First of all, thank you for your quick reply.
Yes, it would be great to use the same ingest pipeline configured for elastic ingest nodes as a pipeline config for logstash.
Is there any ETA for this hot feature? Or can I test it somewhere in a beta program?

@adrian.aneci, we are hoping to have a beta version of it available for public use in the next couple of weeks. There will probably be a blog post on when it is available. I would also point you to the Github repo, but it's not quite ready to be made public.

I had a quick look inside logstash repo but didn't find anything relevant in this direction.
Anyway, I'll keep an eye on blog.
In this case I think we can close this topic.

Great! When it goes live, it will be a new repo under the organization. We'd love your feedback on it once it's available!

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