Is it appropriate to make a product announcement in "Announcements"?

(Doug Turnbull) #1

Before I get labeled a spammer, I wanted to ask this question :). Would it be an appropriatte use of this forum to announce that we have a product that supports Elasticsearch. In particular, I would like to announce that our product Quepid now supports Elasticsearch. I would do this under "Announcements."

I have seen in other open source projects, namely Solr, there's a fairly laissez faire attitude here. For example, this post on the Solr mailing list announcing their Fusion product.

What's the guidance here?


(Shaunak Kashyap) #2

Hey Doug,

First off, thanks for checking about this!

While things do tend to be pretty laissez-faire around here too, we try to keep the posts in the Announcements category to announcements about Elastic projects and plugins.

There is another category named Ecosystem that seems like a better fit. May I suggest posting over there?



(Mark Walkom) #3

I've made a few minor edits in the section "about" posts to help clarify :slight_smile:

(Doug Turnbull) #4

Thanks everyone!

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