Is it necessary to add a quick recovery configuration item like ""

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when shard become very large, restart one cluster will waste too much time,

I know the primary shard become started is very fast.

but the cluster become green from yellow is very slow, become replica shard need recovery:

Especially the first phase of recovery.

Sometimes we need fast recovery services, not too concerned about data consistency。

I recommend adding a configuration item: “”, which can be dynamically modified。

Then we can skip first phase of recovery~~


public void phase1(final SnapshotIndexCommit snapshot) throws ElasticsearchException{
//add one fast recovery branch
if ( && !request.markAsRelocated()) {
 } else if (recoverWithSyncId) {
 } else {


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For the record, same thread also opened at

(Zhaoyan) #3

but it is closed by @ywelsch
I think many people require this feature~~~

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