Is it okay to make 7 nodes of cluster in one machine(server)?


I am running ELK and this has only one node of cluster on server.(ELK version is 6.8)
The indices size per a day is about below 100GB but it's gonna increase. So I need to divide nodes to master node and data node.

My plan is 3 master nodes and 4 data nodes and my question is that is it okay to make 7 nodes of cluster in one machine. My server spec is RAM: 768GB and 20 core.

Or should I need to make other 6 vm machines for other master and data nodes?
please recommend me if you have better way.


What sort of storage does the host have?

you mean what kind of hard drives?
I have 5 hard disks (C,D,E,F,G) and I am running the ELK on D drive because it has 7TB.

Right, but what sort of storage is that drive. Network, SSD, spinning?

The drive is SSD.

Ok, that should be able to deal with it.

Thank you so much for your quick reply.
By the way, can I add master node and data node while I'm already running the ELK?
when i added nodes, there were something wrong.
so I think i need to search more but i just want to know in advance.


It's not clear what you mean by that sorry, can you elaborate?

Im already running ELK for monitoring network and I only have one master node now.
I want to add more node, so yesterday I added master node and data node for test. and then restart the elasticsearch but my kibana index(there are already have visualization and dashboard) was broken. I think kibana index shards were missing.

So I was curious i can add more nodes in this situation.

You can, yes.

If it doesn't work then it'd be best to create a new topic with the process you followed, the config and the logs of the nodes.

Okay, I got it!
Thank you so much!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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