Is it possible query for summed up cardinalities?

(Luka Zitnik) #1

I use Cardinality Aggregation in a query. Is it possible modify the query such that the response also contains the sum of those counts?

(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #2

Hi @luka,

the cardinality aggregation is a single-value aggregation, i.e. it produces only a single value. What do you want to sum up? Can you show a concrete example?

Nevertheless, if you want to sum the results of an aggregation, you can use the sum bucket pipeline aggregation.


(Luka Zitnik) #3

Hi @danielmitterdorfer,

The aggregation was only the last one in a series of nested aggregations, so your guessed my case correctly. Thank you!

ps I am still at version 1.7 and didn't know about pipelines.

(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #4

Hi Luka,

Oh, I assumed you were at least on 2.x. Note that pipeline aggregations have been added in Elasticsearch 2.0, so unfortunately, you cannot use them.


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