Is it possible to add a Space in Regex - Elasticsearch 1.7?

"query" : {
"my field": "wild nature"

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Why do you want a "regexp" query for this and not simply user "match_phrase"?

Hi @cbuescher,

when i query for "wild" against my field i dont want "wild nature".

You could make your field "not_analyzed" then. Just pointing out these options because regex is way slower than these kind of phrase matches.


Is there any possibilities for exact match(not match, match_phrase or match_phrase_prefix)?

Yes, use the keyword analyzer or "index" : "not_analyzed" in the field mappings.


I have already analyzed data.

Is it possible to get exact match from analyzed data?

No, you need to reindex or use "match_phrase". But that problem also isn't solved by using "regex".