Is it possible to avoid the delay caused by 'Loading Kibana' text in an embedded visualization?

Hi there,

I created a Visualization with Kibana and embedded it into my Django app. Everytime I load the page, it first shows the 'Loading Kibana' text and then shows the visualization. Because of that, it takes about 4-5 seconds to get to the actual visualization (this is when the browser, the Django app and Kibana are all running locally from my Mac!).

In terms of UX experience, 4-5 seconds may be a long wait for the embedded frame to appear. I tried the snapshot version but didn't help much. Is it possible to disable the 'Loading Kibana' text completely?


The loading message is something we plan to remove, or at least make it far less apparent, but right now it's kind of a sad reality. There's currently no way we provide to disable it, although you could do so using a "hack" and a custom plugin to hide it with CSS. Here's a repo with some hacks examples, but the idea is that they offer you a way to execute code on load, without restrictions.

4-5 seconds is a very long loading time, and isn't really normal. Is the machine under a lot of load?

Thanks Joe.

Actually I measured it with a stopwatch this time. I think its close to 3.5 seconds or so. Probably 2+ seconds for the Kibana logo and 1+ for the thin vertical bar that shows before the graph comes up.

Thanks heaps for the hack! I'll probably just use the hack for now.

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