Is it possible to build elasticsearch-range-aggretaion-of-aggregation

I am new to elasticsearch and my log are about users and the conferences they participate, like

{"userid": "user1", "conferencesId": "c2", "action":"blabla" ... }
{"userid": "user2", "conferencesId": "c2", "action":"blabla" ...}

{"userid": "user3", "conferencesId": "c5", "action":"blabla" ...}
{"userid": "user3", "conferencesId": "c1", "action":"blabla" ...}

and I would like to get range distribution of conference participants, like:

participants less than 3:   231
participants between 3 and 5:   54
participants greater than 5:  12

how to build the range query in elasticsearch? is it possible?

IMO, the problems is about "the distribution of unique count of users per unique conference", I would created a temporary table if using mySQL...

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