Is it possible to capture all the documents returned by a particular Kibana dashboard?

I took a Saved Session for a Kibana dashboard, and did inspect on it, which returned this:

  "timeRange": {
    "from": "2023-02-16T09:49:46.292Z",
    "to": "2023-02-16T10:08:50.981Z"
  "query": {
    "language": "kuery",
    "query": ""
  "filters": [],
  "dashboardId": "22533190-7d8c-4d25-bc52-e702b78c4ddd",
  "preserveSavedFilters": false,
  "viewMode": "view",
  "useHash": false

I tried to run this as a query using Dev tools view, but it returned the following:

I am wondering what this actually does, assuming I can get it to work. Does it return all the documents required to render that particular dashboard? If I saved off the returned JSON documents, imported them into another ELK instance would I be able to load the dashboard with all the data?

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