Is it possible to create a proxy between elasticsearch and kibana v2?

Hi Elastisearch team,

I'm wondering if it's possible to create a proxy server between elasticsearch and kibana?

The goal is to build a caching layer that stores queries and results for recent alerts. This will allow developers to more efficiently debug issues by accessing their logs faster.


For reference - I saw Is it possible to create proxy server between elasticsearch and kibana? - #2 by Larry_Gregory was created. I'd love to find out more.

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Are you trying to solve a speed problem you have with Elasticsearch and Kibana at the moment?

Nope, the initial feature of caching queries for faster lookup for alerts is a POC for this feature.

The long term goal with this proxy layer is to be able to stitch together different data sources such as elasticsearch, presto and hive (the other two for long term lookups) in a custom UI.

If you want it faster that implies it's too slow though.

Elasticsearch does cache things automatically, so if you're seeing slowness, or not fast enough, then we'd need more information.

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