Is it possible to delete a dangling index data directory from a running node?


I have a number of dangling indices across the cluster which all contain data that is no longer required. Is it safe to simply delete the particular directories under that these dangling indices refer to, whilst the node is running? Or do I need to stop the node first?


The best thing to do is allow the dangling indices to be imported and then delete them through the API.

I would not recommend making any manual changes to the contents of the data path. Certainly not when the node is running, but even when it's down it's a risky business.

Thanks, David. How do I go about doing that though? Right now, the dangling indices to which I refer are the cause of log messages like:

[[XXXXXX]] can not be imported as a dangling index, as index with same name already exists in cluster metadata

Can you delete the index with the same name first?

Our of interest, how did your cluster end up in this state?

Probably. Either that, or rename the existing one by reindexing and then delete it. Once I've done that, the dangling indices ought to get imported, and can then be deleted, right?

Not sure. These indexes, and the log messages, originate from a time before I started working at the company.

Yes that's right.

Thanks, David :+1:

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