Is it possible to develop a custom plugin for Filebeat


I want to develop a custom plugin for filebeat, where the sensitive information in log files are encrypted. Finding sensitive information can be done by regular expression. I want to know weather the above requirement possible or not pls help me. and i didn't find any custom plugin development document.

Filebeat does not support plugins, but you may use the script processor to implement this.

Thank You so much Leandro

kindly do needful. I have a doubt. inline java script code i want to develop is to read PEM file and mask the sensitive data. For that i need libraries such as crypto and fs. will filebeat support those kind. Thank you

I'm not sure , but I don't think you can use external libraries.

The documentation has this information:

The processor uses a pure Go implementation of ECMAScript 5.1 and has no external dependencies.

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