Is it possible to do a date histogram aggregation and get percent totals?

(Jason Baumgartner) #1

I have an Elasticsearch query that creates aggregations based on specific search terms. Within each bucket of the date histogram aggregation, the doc_count gives the total number of documents matching the search criteria.

What I would also like is the total number of background documents for that time period so that I can do a ratio comparison. For instance, if my search term is "president" and the doc_count in one of the buckets is 45,000, I'd like to get back the total number of documents for that time period as well.

I know this could be achieved by doing two separate aggregations, but I was curious if there was any built-in functionality to get the bg_count for date histogram aggregations (all documents in that time range, not just matching documents).

Thank you!

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

a second aggregation using the global agg sounds like the way to go here for me.

(system) #3

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