Is it possible to do a search (percolator) from ingest node?


ES version 5.2.

Is it possible to do a search query from ingest node? I want to do a percolator query as I'm ingesting a document and potentially supplement the ingested document with results from the query. I thought it might be possible to do from the script processor with Painless, but can't see anything in the painless docs for doing a search query.

I am currently using Logstash to achieve the same goal, but figure it would be far more efficient to do within ES, especially if using Elastic Cloud.


No it's not possible.


Thanks for that David,

A shame the others didn't come to agree with you on the need for this kind of thing! I would have thought the percolation use case would be an ideal fit for ingest node.

I'm a little concerned that my current solution of doing this in Logstash (which I assume would have all the same issues as those brought up in the PR discussion) will become a bottleneck for document ingest.

All the best,

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