Is it possible to either query or filter for value of _version?

After indexing I'm interested in selecting just the new documents.

What do you mean by "new documents"?
If you mean documents you indexed "recently", then it is not _version you are looking for, but some "timestamp" you need to attach to each document when it is added.
_version is the internal versioning of each document, which increases once it is overwritten (in case of updates for example). However, Elastic doesn't store the "older" versions of a document. Only the latest "_version" exist.

Ron et al, I'll be doing a series of indexing operations which consist of
existing (as far as elastic search is concerned) and new. Timestamps aren't
really going to work - for this query/filter I just want _version =1 not
"recent" documents. I realize that I could obtain this information during
indexing ("created": true) but this is a bit more awkward. Thx for your

Doug McQuilken
Amateur Shipwright