Is it possible to index Files (PDF, DOC, PPT) using App Search?

I would like to use App Search for searching files from the server folder, Is it possible to feed this to Elastic Enterprise Search - App Search as a document using ingest-attachment-plugin.
My server is NodeJS, also I prefer App search as it has options like Synonyms, Curations, ...

Help will be appreciated,
Thank you

Why not using Workplace Search in that case? It's meant for that use case.

But the answer is that you need to build that by yourself. Crawl the server folder, extract data and send that to AppSearch.

To extract the data, one of the solution could be to use the _simulate endpoint of elasticsearch ingest feature.

Thank you, Could you please share some example or samples regarding how to integrate _simulate endpoint of elasticsearch ingest feature with App search.

The simulate API endpoint is here:

Thank You, Looks like this pipeline requires raw data extracted from the files (PDF, DOC,...). Will check this.