Is it possible to install multiple Fleet Servers?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, is it possible to install multiple Fleet Servers connected to the same ES ?

I explain myself, I already have a Fleet Server installed but there might be a lot more Elastic agents than now so I wanted to know if I can install another Fleet Server (to which I connect the new Agents, not the ones already enrolled to the first Fleet Server) and connect this Fleet Server to ES, using the same policies and everything ?

My instances are deployed on-premises and are self-managed.

Thanks !
Sirine :slight_smile:

The deployment-model doc page seems to suggest that you can do that:

Hi !

Thanks, I was aware of this doc but as it doesn't say it clearly, except in the picture, I don't want to mess everything.

Is the following not clear enough?:

It’s recommended that the administrator provision multiple instances of the Fleet Server and use a load balancer to better scale the deployment.

it's the sentence directly over the second picture.
Do you read something else into it?

I ask because i am also currently redeploying our Elastic Stack and had planed to simply install multiple Fleet Server via the same Policy (not tested yet myself, the servers for it are not yet ready).

Hi, I didn't notice that sentence, thanks !

No I didn't find nothing else about that :// Good luck with your deployment !

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