Is it possible to mix json and plain text?

I use filebeat to grab my Docker logs. Most of these are plain text. However, for self-created services I like to use Serilog for structured logging and it therefore formats the logs in elasticsearch format.

Is it possible to somehow enable json decoding partially, and let non-json logs go through as though json decoding wasn't enabled? Possibly by configuring multiple container inputs and filtering appropriately?

I already tried enabling json decoding, but then all non-json logs will result in an elasticsearch error, which ironically also fails as the log message is a cropped json body.

Hi @Mikael_Elkiaer,

would adding some conditions as depicted here:

for the json processor help?
you could conditionally apply the json decoding based on the fetched fields.

That's what I was hoping you could tell me.
How would I add such a processor so that it would send the message as is if it is plain text, or decode the message if it is json?

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