Is it possible to modify the default watch history mapping?



Would it be viable to modify watch history mapping? (primarily to enable payload logging to allow for search. I am really just looking for property). Would the best approach be to use logging action and log the value?


(Uri Boness) #2

Hi Jyeh,

Please read the following thread: Customize watch and/or watch_history index template

In short, no.. it's not possible to change the mapping as it can cause mapping conflicts between different executions.

(Steve Kearns) #3

Hi Jyeh,

Depending on what you're doing, you might also be able to use the indexing action to store the relevant results in another index where you can control the mappings.



Thanks, the other thread captured what I was asking more clearly.
I will explore the indexing/logging action options as there are no other way to modify the mapping currently.

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