Is it possible to move one ES indice to a different mount in a linux server?

I'm currently having all my indices mounted on / by default. Since I'm currently having some indices which would grow day by day, hence I wanted some indices to move it to another mount safely. For example, I'm having an indice called testing, and I wanted it to move to the mount, /boot within my server itself.

How should I go ahead with this? Does taking a snapshot of an indice and restoring it to another location would do?

OR would that be fine if I just move my ES data folder itself to another mount if I'm to move the whole node? ES version which I'm using is v5.0.

Any help will be appreciated.

You can shut down Elasticsearch, move the data directory to a different location, and then change the configuration in elasticsearch.yml to point to the new location. Once you start ES back up it will see the data and recover normally.

That said. I highly recommend mounting a different partition somewhere like /mnt/esdata, not putting anything inside of /boot. /boot is intended on Linux machines only for kernel images and bootloader configuration, it can be really bad if you run out of space on it!

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