Is it possible to produce a script field for use in an Aggregation

(Ray Maugé) #1

I want to use a script field as part of an aggregation. But this script field needs to use a field then lookup some external data to return the new field.

How can this be realized?

(Nik Everett) #2

For the most part we try our best not to allow something like that because it'll make the search super duper slow and block a thread that isn't designed to be blocked.

Your best bet is getting all the data up front and passing it as a parameter to the script if it is small or updating the documents with the data if the data is large.

(Ray Maugé) #3

Yes, I am aware of the performance implications, but the search is not time sensitive. I have considered those options but unfortunately they are not available.
I want to know how I could go about coding this requirement. I have tried using a Java Native Plugin but I'm not certain what interface to implement.

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