Is it possible to reconnect to an Agent after uninstalling the Elastic Agent service?

I am new the Elastic so this question may be trivial. For some background, I am working on an application that monitors the status of the Elastic Agent Windows service. I want this app to be able to uninstall and re-install the Elastic Agent Service. As of now, I am installing/reinstalling a Fleet Agent, but eventually I want to use this app with enrolling individual agents into a fleet. When the service is uninstalled from a computer, I see a status of "Offline" for that agent, which makes sense. However when I go to reinstall the service, using the same credentials I had previously (fleet service token, fleet server policy, and trusted fingerprint), it creates a brand new Fleet Agent in Elastic instead of having the previous Fleet Fgent come back to a status of online. Is it possible to reconnect to the previous fleet agent after reinstalling the service? Will I see this same issue with using individual agents after uninstalling and reinstalling the Elastic Agent service?

It's been a few days without a reply. Was wondering if I could get some assistance with this. Thanks in advance!

Bumping this thread again. Still looking for help. Thanks!

I don't think this is possible, when you install an agent it will create a new random agent id, so if you install it, uninstall and install again, a new randoum agent id will be generated.

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