Is it possible to relate fields in an index such that highlights are matches across fields?


I have an index which is constructed in the following way:

{'id': 'xxx-xxx',
   'text': 'ALICE was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do',
   'start': '0:00:01.94 0:00:02.30 0:00:02.62 0:00:02.96 0:00:03.14 0:00:03.30 0:00:03.42 0:00:03.58 0:00:03.84 0:00:03.92 0:00:04.06 0:00:05.64 0:00:05.94 0:00:06.34 0:00:06.72 0:00:07.90 0:00:08.28 0:00:09.06 0:00:09.20 0:00:09.32 0:00:09.40'

When searching for 'very tired' I would like to return

  • text: 'very tired'
  • start: '0:00:03.30 0:00:03.42'

Is there anyway that I can formulate a query that allows me to do this? Or a way to index the data that allows me to return the text that is matched and the corresponding times?


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