Is it possible to use images instead of log file

Hi; i want to know if it iss possible to use images instead of log file, that means that i give as input an image file and try to extrat text from that image, any examples will be helpful

What sort of text are you expecting to extract from an image?

I guess it's OCR.

Have a look at FSCrawler which has an OCR option.

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is it possible to integrate it in elk stack ? is there any exmple or tutorial for that

i want to have an image containing text in place of log, so that i can extract text from image and also do filter on image text , is there any example for that

can you give examples for input, output and filter in logstach and fileabt with "dcoument type" that should mention

No. And I don't think you read the documentation of FSCrawler.

can FSCrawler allow me to extract text from image?

I believe I already answered:

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