Is it possible to write it into single ES query ? (SQL: self join)

I have problem, I want to retrieve all the document wherever same user
participate in event1 and event2.

{ "user": "user1", "event": "event1" }
{ "user": "user2", "event": "event1" }
{ "user": "user3", "event": "event2" }
{ "user": "user1", "event": "event2" }
{ "user": "user4", "event": "event1" }
{ "user": "user1", "event": "event3" }

Is it possible to write it into single query ?

SQL query, something similar like this:
select * from userTable u1, u2 where u1.user = u2.user AND ( ( u1.event =
event1 and u2.event = event2) OR ( u1.event = event2 and u2.event = event1))

Result should be:
{ "user": "user1", "event": "event1" }
{ "user": "user1", "event": "event2" }


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