Is it safe to run Elasticsearch 5.6 with OpenJDK 10?

I have an application that uses Elasticsearch 5.5.1 and Oracle Java 8. We plan to upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.6.7 and OpenJDK 10 soon.

To check compatibility, I ran ES 5.5.1 with OpenJDK 10, and the startup failed due to missing JAXB libraries. This is expected since JAXB is no longer included in Java 9 and upward. After copying JAXB libraries to ES installation, ES started without any error. Some preliminary testing shows that the system behaves normally.

However, according to the following information, official support for JVM 9 isn't available until ES 6.2.

Does that mean that running ES 5.x with OpenJDK 9/10 would be problematic hence not recommended? Or does it rather mean that ES 5.x would run with OpenJDK 9/10 fine, but official support from Elastic company isn't available?

Has anyone successfully deployed and run ES 5.x with OpenJDK 9 or 10 in production environment?

Thanks for any information.


We currently do not support Java 10 -

Are you implying that running ES 5.x with Java 9 is OK?

Also, do you generally recommend against running ES with Java version not explicitly listed as supported in the matrix? Or does it mean that a particular combination isn't tested/supported, so it may or may not run fine?


If that is what the matrix states, then yes.

Yes, always.

see the support.

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