Is leader sync cluster state to node when new node join cluster?

When a new node or a previously joined node that was later expelled joins a stable cluster, will the leader synchronize the latest cluster status with them? If so, who can tell me where to find this functionality? I have traced the relevant source code but have not found the related feature.

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The answer is yes: in o.e.c.c.PublicationTransportHandler.PublicationContext see how sendFullClusterState is called if sendClusterStateDiff gets an IncompatibleClusterStateVersionException, or if previousState.nodes().nodeExists(destination) == false.

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Thank you for your response. Is the main triggering entry point org.elasticsearch.cluster.coordination.JoinHelper$LeaderJoinAccumulator handleJoinRequest? I see that a "node-join" cluster publishing task will be triggered here for newly joined nodes, which will publish the latest cluster status (including the newly joined node) to all nodes in the cluster (including all nodes).

Yes that's right.

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