Is Percolate with multiterms possible in ES

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I have a page with different sections say abstract, 'see also' etc. I want
to register queries with some word appearing in abstract field and some
other word appearing in 'see also' field

So my registerer query looks like :
String source = {"query": {"term":{ "abstract" :"laptop",
"seealso": "notebook"}}}
IndexResponse resp = client.prepareIndex("_percolator", "Test",

I see the new indexed document when I run
curl -XGET

Now I want to do percolate request on either abstract or/and seealso
section. But I get the results only when the abstract field matches
PercolateRequest request = client.preparePercolate("Test",
request.source("{"doc":{"abstract" :"laptop", "seealso":
"notebook"}"); -- gives result

// request.source("{"doc":{"seealso":
"notebook"}"); --does not give results
// request.source("{"doc":{"abstract" :"lappy", "seealso":
"notebook"}"); --does not give results

PercolateResponse res = client.percolate(request).get();

Please let me know is there a way to achieve this functionality using


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