Is performance affected by indexing naming scheme?

Supposed I have multiple identical sets of hardware, and the same index settings (same shard, same replica). They are both ingesting the same type of data.

With set A, I only have 1 index and 1 type, e.g. /myIndex/myType

With set B, I have a scheme where the index is separated by dates e.g. /indexDate_xxxx/myType where xxxx is month and year for example /indexDate_0117 for January 2017, /index_Date_0217 for February 2017

My question is would there be any performance difference between set A and set B?


As always, it depends. With a small set of documents, you should not notice any performance difference between solution A and B. But both solution won't scale in the same way and both have pro and cons.

I strongly encourage you to read the "Designing for Scale" chapter of the Definitive Guide (see which is short and have all the answers.

Also, I'm curious to know the lifecycle of the documents: are they stored and queried forever? Are they deleted after a given period of time? Are they updated?

Wow thank for you for the prompt reply!

Thank you for the recommendation. I will be dealing with very large set of documents. In particular emails and chats.

They will be stored and queried forever and they are seldom updated.

Thank you again

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