Is possible Exact match substring in kibana?

Is it possible to exact match substring of text field in kibana?
I try to search "Get-System", but i get results like

What ways are possible to solve the problem?
I know, that it is possible to write a DSL query to elasticsearch directly - but it is not a solution for analytics..
So, what options are possible?

Hi @smerzlyakov!

Have you tried a wildcard (*) query without quotation marks?

Thanks for response, but it is DSL syntax, not Kibana KQL.
I think with DSL it is better to try match_phrase
But the question is about Kibana search. Is this feature exist in KQL? If no, why?It is must-have feature!

Are there another solutions?Like changing text analyzer, or maybe i can search with Lucene syntax?

I have try to insert this DSL in "Edit filter" in kibana -but it doesn't work. As i inspect the query - kibana modify the final query. I cant do the wildcard query in Discovery tab with Kibana?
Is there any way to search exact match substring in Kibana?

Because i do not get an answer - i send what i found.

  1. If you use wildcards - do not use " symbols. It inserts "match_phrase" in query. Use like this fileld:get*
    Good explanation here and in related paper Wildcard query not working as expected
  2. But even wildcards and regexes not working as expected. Через жопу. I found, that escaping non-letter symbols can help. So for me this query works:
    Text:"Get-System" also you must use escaping with the space like text:"adam\moran"

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